Justice for The 96

Tahukah Anda, jika kita mencari kata kunci “Death caused by stampedes in sports matches” di Google, Hal pertama yang muncul adalah artikel Wikipedia tentang Tragedi Hillsborough.

Jika Anda belum mengetahui tenang Tragedi Hillsborough, mungkin tulisan Lizzi Doyle di blog Empire of The Kop berikut ini cukup mewakili apa yang terjadi di Hillsborough, 15 April 1989 lalu…

April the 15th,
The year 1989.
Something horrific happened,
Which nobody can begin to define.
Liverpool reached the semi-finals in Sheffield,
Many thousands of fans traveled up.
They had all come down to watch their beloved team,
Get to the final of the FA Cup.
But what they didn’t know,
Was that a tragedy would unfold on that day.
But how were they expected to know?
That 96 lives were going to be taken away.
Before the game had started,
Thousands of fans were gathered outside,
All trying to swarm into the ground,
Sandwiched side by side.
The crowding was getting worse,
And a crush was taking place,
So the chief  stupidly ordered for the gates to be opened,
So that there would be more space.
People flocked into that tiny tunnel,
And this added an extra 2000 fans.
It had suddenly become too over crowded,
As they piled into the Leppins Lane stand.
People were swaying back and forth,
Pressed against an iron fence,
All caged in with no escape,
Breathing became intense.
The crowding got worse and worse,
People were getting dragged up to the stands above.
Fans were to be seen all over the place,
Looking for the ones they love.
Some seemed to get over the fence,
And ran onto the pitch,
Players thought it was another crazed fan,
Just another little glitch.
One fan walked to Alan Hansen,
And looked him straight in the eye.
He said “Listen Alan it’s getting serious,
I’m seeing people die!”
Liverpool fans were dying by the minute,
They just couldn’t take the strain,
It was too much for their bodies to bear,
In the deathly Leppins Lane.
The sight of seeing them fight for their lives,
And many grown men crying,
The crush became too much for them,
In a result of people dying.
Advertisement boards were being used as stretchers,
Bodies were lay all over the place,
The gymnasium turned into a mortuary
And ambulances came in at a slow pace.
Thousands of fans traveled to see the match,
With friends and family or alone,
Now after the unfortunate events,
96 weren’t returning home.
The following day was the shock of all,
As the Suns article read,
We urinated on fans, battered the police,
And pick pocketed the dead.
What about the polices involvement,
Have you ever considered that?
How about the Chief who opened the gates,
Or maybe even the ground staff.
They placed the blame on us,
Don’t ever buy The Sun, [–> or quote The Sun]
We just want Justice for the 96,
And we won’t give up until it’s done.
It’s such a shame Hillsborough had to happen,
For the FA to get their acts together,
And the memories of the 96,
Will touch on our lives forever.

“Hikmah” Hillsborough

Mungkin, ketika menonton Liga Inggris, Anda pernah memperhatikan, mengapa di stadion-stadion Inggris, jarak antara penonton dan lapangan sangat dekat, bahkan nyaris tidak ada jarak? Selain itu, berbeda dengan Stadion di Indonesia yang menggunakan pagar pembatas di depan tempat duduk penonton, di sana tidak ada pembatas sama sekali.  Seluruh stadion juga dilengkapi dengan tempat duduk bagi penonton, atau dengan kata lain, tidak terdapat tribun berdiri. Di sepanjang pertandingan, terdapat pula petugas keamanan (steward), biasanya berbaju oranye atau kuning, yang  duduk menghadap penonton, dan bertugas untuk mengawasi penonton.

Semua hal di atas dilakukan untuk mencegah terulangnya tragedi Hillsborough, di mana penonton yang jumlahnya melebihi kapasitas, berdesak-desakan di tribun berdiri, dan penonton yang berada paling depan tak bisa keluar, terhimpit oleh pagar pembatas.  Sementara teriakan penonton yang terhimpit kepada petugas keamanan untuk membuka pagar tidak segera digubris.

Bagi saya, sebagai ‘orang’ kesehatan masyarakat, tragedi Hillsborough yang menewaskan 96 pendukung Liverpool ini seharusnya dapat dicegah.  Dan tragedi ini memberi pembelajaran kepada sepakbola Inggris untuk mencegah tragedi yang sama terulang kembali.

Dan untuk mengenang 96 korban tragedi ini, dua buah obor ditambahkan dalam Lambang klub Liverpool.

Justice for the 96.

You’ll Never be Forgotten.


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